This highly original time-travel
combines the wonders of the paranormal and the mischievous world of the fairies
to create a splendid, sensual, hard-to-put-down romance. You?ll delight in the biting repartee and explosive sexual tension
between Adrienne and Hawk, the conniving Adam, and the magical aura that surrounds the entire story. Karen Marie Moning is destined to make her mark on the genre. SENSUAL

Handsome as sin and the greatest of lovers, Hawk is not only sought after by almost every woman in 1513 Scotland, but is the ideal pawn in a gambit played out by the fairie queen and her court. The other pawn in play is 20th-century Adrienne de Simone, who has had her problems with men, and hopes that she is never taken in by their sweet words again.

When Hawk's friend, Grimm, wishes that Hawk would find a woman of wit, intelligence and beauty who would spurn him, Adrienne finds herself swept through time in order to marry Hawk. Though stunned by her situation, she complies, agreeing to masquerade as Mad Janet, the bride-to-be.

When she meets her husband, Adrienne is dazed by his beauty, making her resist him. Her rebuffs make Hawk try harder, and when the smithy, Adam Black, sets out to seduce Adrienne, sparks fly and the game shifts into a higher dimension. Add to this a jealous woman, Hawk's ex-lover, Adrienne's resolve, and a group of matchmakers, and you have havoc in the Highlands.

(Apr., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin