Image of Beyond His Control


Image of Beyond His Control
Navy SEAL Justin Brandt doesn't hesitate to help his best friend Turk protect his sister Ava, who is in imminent danger. Turk is working undercover as a DEA agent, Ava is an assistant district attorney, and somehow their cases have overlapped. Nevertheless, Justin hates having to see Ava again. Nine years ago he almost broke her heart and has stayed out of sight since then. But now a domestic violence case has turned into a drug-smuggling/crime-family case, and Justin and Ava have to go on the run before she is killed. Beyond His Control (4.5), by Stephanie Tyler, is wonderful. The tension and love between Ava and Justin is perfectly depicted, and the almost nonstop adventure makes the story heart-stoppingly exciting.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor