Rocha returns to the dystopian world of gangs as family, sex as entertainment and vices as moneymakers. Rachel, Ace and Cruz have angst to spare, and Ace's struggle to come to grips with his past is heartwrenching. The sex is super-hot, but at times it gets a bit repetitive. Once the action gets going, though, the relationship development is stellar. Readers looking for tons of M/M/F sex will definitely find it here. With more balance between the sex and the character development, this would be a standout.

When Rachel Riley left Eden to save her family, she never thought she'd end up with the O'Kanes feeling more like family than hers ever did, much less than she'd be drawn to the O'Kane men. But tattoo artist Ace Santana is the one man she's sure she'll never have, and the idea that he shares women with the other object of her her desire, Lorenzo Cruz, is more than she can stand. Once she makes her desires known, the only question left is whether these three damaged souls can make it together — or if a threatening war will tear them apart. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $3.99)

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Cyndy Aleo