Salem pre-school owner Helen Evett never dreams a chance encounter with a prospective client will change her life forever. Something about Linda Byrne's voice touched Helen the night she called to enroll her daughter Katie in The Open Door. Despite being solidly booked, Helen agrees to visit the Byrne home. While walking to the Byrne's front door, Helen has an eerie encounter with a large owl. Linda is then found dead upstairs, apparently by suicide.

An angry and grieving Nathaniel Byrne decides to enroll Katie in the school anyway. Helen and Nathaniel get off to a rocky start, but soon find they have a lot in common. Helen, however, finds herself haunted by the essence of Linda. It is as if her spirit resides within Helen and that spirit is worried for her family.

Helen starts to have problems of her own when someone seems to be sabotaging the school and implying that her teenage daughter Becky is practicing satanic worship. Helen desperately searches for the reasons behind the vicious rumors. Despite his first marriage's deterioration, Nathaniel finds himself very attracted to Helen. He too wants to get to the bottom of the smear campaign, even if the trail leads close to home.

When it comes to unique, eerie and engrossing tales of supernatural suspense, Antoinette Stockenberg is in a league of her own. BEYOND MIDNIGHT is a gripping, chilling page-turner outlining two families' courageous battle against an insidious evil with a charming face. Outstanding reading! (Aug., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith