Image of Beyond the Night: Envy Chronicles Book 1


Image of Beyond the Night: Envy Chronicles Book 1

Looking for an exciting new take on a post-apocalyptic world? Then you're in for a real treat with the launch of Ware's fresh and original series. Utilizing a variety of disparate elements, including zombies, the author thrusts her time-traveling heroes into a bleak and dangerous world. Ware does an excellent job weaving in tantalizing clues as to the cause of the world-ravaging disaster. Both readers and characters are in for a wild ride!

Dr. Elliot Drake and his friends are on a spelunking trip when the earth begins shaking. When they awake, they discover that the world as they knew it has been destroyed and that 50 years have gone by. None of them has aged, and they seem to be developing strange new talents. As Elliot and his friends arrive at the community of Envy, they find this hostile new world includes "gangas," or zombie-like creatures.

Tough and secretive Jade was born after "The Change," and she and a group of others are struggling against those they call Strangers. Although the sexual sparks ignite between Elliot and Jade, can she trust him? (AVON, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith