The talented team behind Rocha hits their stride in this third installment of their sizzling, post-apocalyptic series, so it's fitting that Beyond Pain's two broken leads, Bren and Six, learn to be comfortable in their own skin, and comfortable with one another, as they put their hearts on the line. While steamy love scenes abound, featuring voyeurism, exhibitionism and pain play, it's the growing trust between Bren and Six that's really sexy, and readers will only want more from the O'Kanes and their far from broken circle of friends and family. In particular, the emerging story of Ace, Cruz and Rachel comes into focus, without Rocha ever losing sight of their primary characters. If it's a great balance of lots of characters, lots of sex and ongoing story you're looking for, you'll definitely find it here. The dark, dog-eat-dog world is fully realized, the colorful cast established and grounded, and the pace never lets up — making for Rocha's strongest book so far.

Despite being taken into Dallas O'Kane's tightly-knit gang in Sector Four, wary survivor Six still isn't used to being free to make her own choices ... or being free to have fun. Or to engage in some of the O'Kanes' more scandalous entertainments. The only place she truly feels safe and welcome is Brendan Donnelly's arms. Determined to take things step-by-step for Six, the normally business-like and badass Bren finds himself opening up just as much as she does, and what starts as a slow build of affection and physical closeness turns into a full-speed trip to passion. But when they are tasked with cleaning up Sector Three, and specters from both of their ugly pasts come back to haunt them, their bond will be put to the test. Does trust go deeper than ink and beyond all the pain? (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Marla Hardy