Image of Beyond Reach (Grant County)


Image of Beyond Reach (Grant County)

Slaughter delivers another intense thriller filled with multiple mysteries and nonstop action. The husband and wife duo of Dr. Sara Linton and Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver are memorable characters whose intellect matches their emotions for one another.

Sara and Jeffrey leave their rural Georgia home to travel to a nearby county where Lena, one of Jeffrey's officers, has been arrested. She was brought in after she was found near a flaming car with a body inside, and so far she's refused to talk to anyone. When Sara attempts to engage her in conversation, Lena runs away from the hospital, where she's being treated for minor injuries.

As Jeffrey and Sara search for Lena, they discover a sinister side to Elawah County, Ga. A band of white supremacists runs free, getting rich by supplying crystal meth to drug users. Jeffrey attempts to identify the ringleaders, but danger lurks everywhere. Neither Jeffrey nor Sara knows whom to trust, and Lena continues to warn them away from what might be the most dangerous case of their lives. (Delacorte, Aug., 416 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick