BEYOND RECOGNITION graphically demonstrates why author Ridley Pearson is considered one of the finest suspense writers of this generation. For complex and intelligent plots, intense emotions and powerful thrills, no one does it better.

Veteran Seattle homicide detective Lou Bolt has a bad feeling about this case. He hates getting called out to fires in the first place, but this one is eerily strange. Something has caused Dorothy Enwright's house to burn so abnormally hot that virtually nothing but ash is left behind. No body, no clues, while the arsonist is taunts the police department by sending cryptic announcements to Fire Marshall Steven Garman.

Police psychologist Daphne Matthews profiles the killer and knows that they are in trouble. But more than Daphne's intellect gets involved when Ben Santori, an abused young boy, turns out to be a potential witness.

As the vicious fires continue, Lou and his team desperately search for both the arsonist and his next potential target. Even the FBI gets involved when it is suspected that the fire accelerant may be linked to the Air Force.

Lou and Daphne soon begin to suspect that Steve Garman knows more about these strange fires then he is letting on. Fear comes too close to home when Lou finds his house and family have been targeted. Unless they can break the case, the arsonist's hellish vengeance may be in his own back yard.

(July, 384 pp., $22.45)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith