Image of Beyond Seduction


Image of Beyond Seduction

Scandal is the only way independent-minded Merry Vance can avoid an unwanted marriage. The only thing she can think to do is pose for Nicolas Craven, a sought-after artist and known rogue.

Nic has no way of knowing Merry is a Duke's daughter and agrees to allow her to model for him. He not only sees her beauty as an essence he wants to capture on the canvas but is also determined to possess her as well. He makes it clear that he is not interested in marriage, but that does not stop Merry from becoming his lover.

Nic paints Merry as Lady Godiva, and soon after, she takes Nic up on an offer to go to Venice. Their idyll is interrupted by the arrival of his son, through which it is revealed that Nic is actually the Marquis of Northwick, and Merry's irate brothers, who inform her of her success in creating a scandal, asher behavior has made her an outcastin England.

BEYOND SEDUCTION is filled with extreme sexual tension, but the plot is a bit thin. Emma Holly is well known to those readers who indulge their passions for erotica in the British Black Lace line, and while her erotic love scenes are wonderful and highly explicit, the historical romance is not strong. SEXY (Jun., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager