Falling short of the suspense the book seems to have been headed toward, Kent's latest is still a romantic story about an interracial love affair. Hero Ezra quickly becomes real and attractive through well-written, contraction-less dialogue and supporting character interaction. But this book could have used more details about Ezra's hidden agenda and the underlying danger that comes with it. Still, accompanying
characters and storylines give depth
to the plot, and overall, Kent's writing
is clean and strong.

Ezra Moore comes to the small town of Comfort Bay posing as a repairman for the local inn, and grade-school teacher Alexa Counsel finds herself alarmingly attracted to him. She intends to explore his body as well as his past, but what is on his mind is the greatest threat. When Alexa gets caught in the crossfire of his mission to bring down a company known for using and abusing children, she learns the truth about who and what Ezra really is. (Brava, Dec., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen