Talented newcomer S. L. Viehl first exploded on the science fiction scene with the immensely appealing StarDoc, the tale of a genetically constructed young surgeon determined to escape the controlling influence of her scientist father. Now on the lam from a League that declared her the property of her loathsome progenitor, she takes refuge with the extended clan of her dead lover as their ship travels BEYOND VARALLAN (4,5). The price of shelter turns out to be amazingly high for her hosts as the League mounts one attack after another on the fleeing starship. But the biggest danger of all comes from inside Continuing the strong, intricate characterizations begun in her first book, Ms. Viehl writes a riveting tale no connoisseur of excellence can put down without finishing. With more than a few surprises up her sleeve, this rising star proves herself a master storyteller who can win and hold a bestselling audience.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer