As wild as the sea she sails, Captain Istabelle O'Bannon is determined to save the poor and helpless from marauding pirates like the ruthless Horick. But when Horick steals Istabelle's priceless possession, she sends for the one man she trusts to help her reclaim her prize: her cousin Mangan.

With his friend near death, mercenary Ruark Haagan seeks aid at a local monastery and, in exchange, promises Mangan he will help Istabelle. Istabelle instantly believes Ruark is her savior and, before he can explain who he really is, he's in the thick of battle, with his only choice to stand by the fiery sea siren.

Coast to coast and battle to battle they fight side by side, searching for the moment to attack Horick. Ruark gradually falls under Istabelle's spell while she slowly surrenders her heart to him.

As they get closer to Horick and the truth behind Ruark's masquerade, tension mounts and passions soar until the pulse-pounding moment when all is resolved. Intense emotions and searing sensuality flow from Lord's powerful prose. The author has the ability to create characters whose passions ignite the imagination, and her talent for vivid storytelling increases with each new tantalizing tale. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin