Alice Duncan proves opposites attract when wealthy, arrogant Alex English, one of the Columbia Exhibitions organizers, tries to rid the fairgrounds of the scandalous fortuneteller and exotic dancer, Kate Finney.

Alex sees Kate as a blight on his perfect fair, but when he confronts her, he finds she's not like anyone he's ever met. She's a tiny ball of fury with a chip on her shoulder a mile wide, who manages to break down his stuffy, Scrooge-like demeanor with her bold and brash refusal to do what he wants.

For the first time in a long time, Adam begins to think of others. It is his discovery that Kate's mother is dying of tuberculosis, and that Kate bravely carries the burden of caring for her family, that melts Alex heart. He becomes her unwanted champion as he befriends her mother. His kindness strips away her bravado and Adam sees the sweet, vulnerable girl inside the brazen fortune teller, just as Katie realizes she has fallen in love with a man she should see as her enemy.

This tender, charming romance is a lovely little heart tugger. I adored Katie's spirit and fire and just loved the way Alex changes from cold-hearted to compassionate. Ms. Duncan has crafted a nice, charming story that is a simple "feel-good" read. SENSUAL (Oct., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin