Image of Big Bad Beast


Image of Big Bad Beast

Although Laurenston excels at paranormal character development, this story is held back by the multitude of secondary characters and a suspense plot that’s not quite strong enough. And, for the first part of the book, some tough-girl shifters are a little too ready to rumble and brawl. Still, you will enjoy the humorous portrayal of the various shifters and their unique personalities — especially some of the younger cubs and pups — and their everyday lives of playing on a hockey team, working in various restaurants and holding a big Fourth of July barbecue.

Despite his patrician upbringing, Ric has been smitten with Dee-Ann Smith since he saw her as a child. Dee-Ann is now working for Ric and The Group, a multispecies cooperative governing body, in sort of a hired killer- enforcer-investigator capacity. Friends are waiting to see if the smooth, uptown NYC wolf and the hillbilly Tennessee killer wolf will really get together. Meanwhile, Dee-Ann and partners are investigating a nefarious plot to kidnap young hybrids as part of an illegal fight ring. (BRAVA, May, 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan