Molly Kincaid decides to take a shortcut through the Maine woods to her grandmother's house only to meet Wolf Trevalyn, a devilish rogue with a mysterious and questionable past.

Molly is captivated by Wolf and he sets about wooing the red-headed beauty. He meets her each day as she visits her grandmother with a basket of goodies and sweeps her into little trysts, secret picnics and a kiss or two.

Molly knows all about Wolf's past, the rumors about his wife's mysterious death and his reasons for never returning home, but she cannot resist temptation. Even though her grandmother and others warn her away, Molly finds herself irresistibly attracted to Wolf. When she will not become his mistress he makes her his wife.

But life in the big city with Wolf is not the idyll Molly wishes for. Thrust into his society and taken to gambling halls and ballrooms, she wonders if she made the right choice in marrying a Wolf.

Linda Jones has taken the well-known fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood to another level with her highly adult and sensual tale. Readers will enjoy the innuendoes relating to the original version and delight in the truly romantic story of Molly and her Wolf. SENSUAL (Feb., 378 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin