Prolific author Patterson continues his Alex Cross series with this latest thriller involving the Russian mafia. Former D.C. cop Alex is now training as an FBI agent.

Alex is pulled off training duty to look into the disappearance of Elizabeth Connolly, an affluent suburban mother and the wife of an Atlanta judge. She isn't the first upper-class white woman kidnapped in recent years, and soon Alex is investigating the abductions of the others.

Meanwhile, Alex must face Christine, the mother of his youngest son, who left the boy in Cross' care. As Christine tries to win custody, Alex is examining his feelings for girlfriend Jamilla, a cop in San Francisco.

Nonstop action fills the pages of this white-knuckled thrill ride when a teenage hacker discovers information connecting the abductions to the leader of the Red mafia, known as Wolf, whose prearranged kidnappings fetch him a pretty penny. Law enforcement officials race against the clock to locate Wolf—and to find Elizabeth before she loses her life. (Nov., 400 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short