Tanzy Harrington is the Bay Area's hottest romance columnist. Her online column, Tanzy Tells All, is a huge hit and has gained her quite a following. Too much of a following it turns out, as Tanzy may have picked up a stalker. Concerned about Tanzy's e-mail stalker, SoulM8, Tanzy's great aunt Millicent Harrington convinces her to house-sit her mansion. Conveniently, Millicent will be out of town, but she'll leave behind a new secretary named Riley Parrish.

A former pro football star, Riley makes his living as a P.I. Taking the Harrington case will help him pay some bills and be a good source for new clients. The problem is that Millicent doesn't want Tanzy to know that Riley is there for her protection. Having read one of her most recent columns, where she divided men into two categories, Sheep and Wolves, Riley has an inspiration: He will disguise his true wolf nature and take on the appearance of a sheep. Moving into the mansion, Tanzy is disconcerted to find herself attracted to sheepish Riley. But as a self-confirmed wolf lover, she is intrigued. However, things may get more complicated when SoulM8 decides to up the ante.

Donna Kauffman really hits her stride with this irreverent, funny and sizzling new tale. Tanzy and Riley are truly a match— that is, if they can ever figure that out. Witty and filled with sexy fun. (Jun., 368 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith