Image of Big City Cowboy


Image of Big City Cowboy
BIG CITY COWBOY (3) by Julie Benson: New Yorker Elizabeth Harrington-Smyth doesn’t know anything about wide-open spaces, the great outdoors or sexy cowboys until she flies out to Colorado to be in her cousin’s wedding. But she knows she needs a cowboy for the advertising plan she has worked up for her client. Rory McAlister laughs when the city girl gives him her card and offers him $30,000 if he’ll pose for some photos, but with his mother’s cancer treatment not paid for and the ranch not pulling in much of a profit, it looks like modeling men’s jeans is his only hope. And it sure doesn’t hurt that he and pretty Lizzie have an instant sizzle between them. While Rory is an upright family guy putting aside his pride to pay the bills, Lizzie comes across as condescending to the country cowpoke. Though the ending is well done, it comes without enough buildup to justify her change of heart.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper