Image of The Bikini Diaries


Image of The Bikini Diaries

Another smoldering, erotic tale from Alexander, this latest combines engaging characters and the fiery heat of sexual passion. The way Wendy is so completely able to accept her metamorphosis is impressive, and the sensual heat index between this couple is completely off the charts. But the story contains enough realism to ensure that even the most cynical of readers will find satisfaction with the plotline.

While on a business trip, Wendy Carnes takes one look at the beautiful bikini-clad woman on the beach and wonders what it'd be like to be that confident and sensual. Daring herself to take a chance, Wendy dons a bikini of her own, hoping to attract a sexy man for a sexual fling. What she doesn't count on is Brandon, a man who fulfills her wildest dreams. Will this couple be able to maintain a casual relationship, or will their experiences leave them yearning for more? (Heat, Feb., 288 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March