Image of The Billionaire Baby Bombshell


Image of The Billionaire Baby Bombshell
THE BILLIONAIRE BABY BOMBSHELL (3) by Paula Roe: Yelena Valaro is appalled that her boss has assigned her to handle billionaire Alexander Rush’s public image. Though never charged, Alex had been questioned about his father’s accidental death. Now he’s not only trying to clean up his blackened reputation, but for his family’s sake, he wants revenge on Yelena’s brother, his partner, for spreading lies about him. Yelena, who’s dedicated to protecting her late sister’s child, has always been attracted to Alex, but knowing a feud exists between their families, she’s kept her distance. That’s not going to prevent the two from falling into a fiery affair that could easily be shattered by a lack of trust. Though the story is interesting, the characters fall flat and aren’t able to generate reader sympathy.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper