Spencer Fairfield needs a fiancé for one week when he attends his family reunion. His frail, elderly grandmother wants to see her grandson settled and happy, and Spencer wants to give her some peace of mind. He attends the Chicago Job Auction for Charity with the intent of finding the right woman. Not only does the money go for a good cause, but also Spencer can find a woman to please his grandmother with, no mess or bother. Thirty thousand dollars later, Kate Ryerson agrees to the masquerade, but not without misgivings. Will Spencer's grandmother fall for the ruse, especially when his fiancé arrives with a ready-made family? THE BILLIONAIRE BORROWS A BRIDE (4) is the best of Myrna MacKenzie's three billionaire stories. The Job Auction plotline was a little tough to swallow in the first two books, but works well in this offering.
Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer