Image of Billionaire Extraordinaire (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Billionaire Extraordinaire (Silhouette Desire)

BILLIONAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE (2) by Leanne Banks: What's worse than being a corporate spy? Falling for the man you're spying on. Emma Weatherfield's bosses, Max De Luca and Alex Megalos, want her to keep an eye on Damien Medici, who's been hired to cut costs (read: jobs) at Megalos–De Luca. As Emma tries to ignore her attraction to charismatic Damien, he tries to take advantage of it to learn more about the De Lucas, whom he holds responsible for destroying his own family. When Emma turns to him for help with her own family problems, Damien demands her mistress services for a year to keep her mother out of jail. What will happen when her lies and his plans collide? Banks characters are complex, but unfortunately this story is tired.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper