Image of The Billionaire's Baby SOS


Image of The Billionaire's Baby SOS
THE BILLIONAIRE’S BABY SOS (4) by Susan Meier: Sophisticated and wealthy bachelor Matt Patterson is in for the surprise of a lifetime when his late ex-wife appoints him as the new guardian to her 6-month-old infant, Bella. Bella’s caseworker at the adoption agency, Claire Kincaid, is drawn to the handsome, helpless new daddy and offers to lend a helping hand. But both Matt and Claire find it difficult to walk away from each other now that Bella has opened their eyes to love and what life is truly about. Meier may dwell a bit too much on the babycare aspect rather than the blossoming love, but nevertheless this is a wonderful story with lots of sweet emotion.
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi