Image of The Billionaire's Borrowed Baby


Image of The Billionaire's Borrowed Baby
THE BILLIONAIRE’S BORROWED BABY (4) by Janice Maynard: “I need you to marry me.” It’s the last thing Luc Cavallo expects to hear from his college flame. Ten years ago, college student Hattie Parker walked away from rich boy Luc, but when she is locked in a custody battle over her dead sister’s baby, Hattie’s got no one else to turn to. Luc thinks it would be the height of revenge to scoop Hattie out of her mess, have her fall for him and then dump her, but it only takes a hot honeymoon trip to show him that he’s lying to himself. Maynard’s taken a tired theme and given it fresh life with strong characters and heart.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper