Image of The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain


Image of The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain
When Dominick Masters and Kenzie Miller married, it was love for her and lust for him. A year later, the two are headed for divorce after Dominick is certain she cheated on him. Despite Kenzie's denials, he sets a plan of revenge in motion. When it seems too late, Dominick learns that Kenzie is pregnant and realizes he was in love with her all the time. Carole Mortimer's dynamic couple will have you hoping they find their way back to each other. The slight misstep in The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain (3) is Dominick's continual haranguing of Kenzie about her imagined indiscretion. But the wonderful secondary characters in Kenzie's close family make up for this.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers