The passionate, if unlikely, love match between a brilliant cat burglar and a British billionaire revs up once again
in another dynamic and exhilarating book. These caper romances and their emotional undertones showcase Enoch's talents with both plot and characterization. They're a complete joy to read, and Enoch is a maestro!

For "retired" cat burglar Samantha Jellicoe, staying on the straight and narrow proves challenging. She misses the adrenaline rush of her former career, but the romantic side benefits of her new life are awesome. Sam's world is thrown into chaos, however, when, while attending an art auction with billionaire lover Rick Addison, she spots her supposedly deceased father in the crowd.

Suddenly Sam is suspected of stealing a painting from Rick's house, and her father has coerced her into participating in a plot to rob New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. If Sam refuses to participate, both she and Rick will be killed, so she has no choice. Seeing the trap closing in around Sam, Rick vows to find a way to help -- whether Sam likes it or not. (AVON, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith