Image of The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage


Image of The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage
The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage (4.5) is one of Emma Darcy's best. Engaged to another, heiress Charlotte Ramsey can't believe Damien's persistent attention, nor can she ignore her feelings for him. When her fiance reveals his true colors days before the wedding, Charlotte allows Damien to sweep her off her feet and down the aisle, all the while telling him and herself that all she wants is a baby. But Charlotte gradually becomes aware of the very real feelings she's developed for him. If only he felt the same. When tragedy strikes, Charlotte and Damien must take a chance on love or lose each other forever. Darcy's story is filled with beautiful locations, original plot twists, great dialogue and enough chemistry between Charlotte and Damien to start a forest fire.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider