With their race in danger of extinction, shape-shifting warriors Adan and Lyan need a shared bond-mate to bear their child. When Council scientists find a match in Earthling Krista, Adan and Lyan journey to Earth to retrieve her. Council law demands that Krista willingly participate in a sexual binding of the trio.

Adan and Lyan corner Krista in a Las Vegas casino, where they overwhelm her with their charm and sex appeal. But just when they are ready to reel in their new mate, she takes off. These two aroused warriors give chase and soon discover their bond-mate is on the run—from a killer.

This first in Strong's Fallon Mates series is a steamy paranormal replete with sizzling ménage a trois adventures and two irresistible take-charge heroes. A well-written, compelling history draws the reader into Adan and Lyan's world, making the unbelievable believable. As an added treat, Strong delivers a tantalizing setup for the next tale in the series. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell