Image of The Bird of the River


Image of The Bird of the River

This is a wonderful book. Told from Eliss’ perspective, her keen observations keep the reader engaged and move the story forward. Her relationship with Krelan develops organically, and his appreciation of her intelligence and abilities is definitely a highlight. Set in the same world as House of the Stag, this is the story of how Eliss grows up.

Eliss, her addict mother and half-Yendri younger brother join the crew of a river barge, hoping to make a new home. Soon Falena drowns and Eliss and her brother are left alone. Eliss learns to identify and call out river obstacles, while Alder learns more about his Yendri heritage. Surrounded by quirky characters, including a young man trained as an assassin and a captain who may not be exactly what he seems, Eliss learns more about the world and herself than she ever thought possible — as she finally finds herself a home and a family. (TOR, Jul., 272 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs