Image of The Birthday Scandal


Image of The Birthday Scandal

Readers will enjoy every minute of the shenanigans at the duke’s estate, and the three ensuing love stories, in this enchanting Regency. Both humorous and poignant, emotions mount as everyone discovers their true partner. There’s an amusing conspiracy afoot that will delight readers.

When the dying Duke of Weybridge sends birthday invitations to his nieces and nephew, he makes vague references to riches they’ll receive by attending his house party. All three are in need of funds but for different reasons. Lucien is on a small allowance from their father, the earl. Isabel is estranged from her wealthy husband, while Emily is in self-imposed exile after experiencing a life-changing tragedy. The duke’s purpose is twofold: to introduce a distant American cousin, Gavin Waring, who is now heir to the dukedom and to play matchmaker. When the trio discovers the earl has decided to marry the neighbor’s very young daughter, they panic. (MONTLAKE, Oct., 336 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown