After decades of pain and nonstop searching for her stolen baby, successful entrepreneur Suzanne Cullen is watching a local television broadcast and nearly faints when she's convinced that she recognizes the face on the screen.

Archeologist Dr. Callie Dunbrook is being interviewed about the discovery of ancient human bones she's in town to excavate. Suzanne can only pay attention to the face of her long-missing daughter, Jessie. When Jessie was 3 months old, she was stolen out of her stroller while a distracted Suzanne comforted her toddler son, Doug.

With a rich and rewarding dig in front of her, Callie only foresees one cloud on her horizon: the fact that her ex-husband, Jake Graystone, will be the head anthropologist on the project. Jake quickly becomes the least of her problems after Suzanne comes knocking on her door.

At first Callie thinks Suzanne is nuts, but Suzanne has eerie photographs that point to the possibility that Callie may be her daughter. When Callie confronts her parents, she discovers that she was indeed adopted a week after baby Jessie's abduction. Knowing that her parents played no role in the kidnapping lays open the question of who did.

Piecing together puzzles is what Callie and Jake do best, however this puzzle threatens to expose them all to danger. For it is highly unlikely that Callie was the only baby stolen and sold, and those involved may protect their secrets by whatever means necessary.

BIRTHRIGHT starts with the terrifying premise of child abduction and builds into an electrifying story filled with danger, heartache, love, passion and murder. An amazingly intense and utterly gripping tale! (Apr., 480 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith