Image of The Bite Before Christmas


Image of The Bite Before Christmas

Two of today’s premier paranormal authors deliver a terrific anthology just in time for the holidays. These two stories are charming and delightful, dangerous and thrilling. With authors at the top of their game, just settle in and enjoy!

Sands starts things off with “The Gift.” Katricia Argeneau’s holiday plans take a special twist when she is snowbound with the man who may be her life mate. Teddy Brunswick is the police chief of Port Henry, and well aware of the existence of immortals. But he never dreams he could run into one while on a winter holiday. It’s a holiday from hell in Frost’s “Home for the Holidays,” as Cat and Bones’ attempt to have a peaceful celebration meets with little success. A mysterious family connection arrives only to wreak havoc and to her horror, Cat will have to work with Ian if she is to save her husband and her houseguests. (MORROW, Nov., 352 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith