Kieran McKendrick watched a family curse give his cousin his just desserts. Now it's his turn to be subjected to the authority of their elders. His lupine blood runs wild and free and threatens to mark all the women he beds until he finds his true mate. Only the right lass can break the curse and put him out of his day-and-night sexual arousal. But what woman would want a man with fangs and fur?

Bronte Hayes' first glimpse of Kieran singes her blood. But the electricity he oozes is nothing compared to the sexual vibes attacking her body. His disclosure that he's a warlock fascinates Bronte. Then the arrogant, you-belong-to-me McKendrick pulls out all the stops in a sensual assault that leaves her gasping and wanting more.

This delightful second book in the Magick Men series is hotter than its predecessor, A Shot of Magick. The emotions run high when Kieran tries to keep Bronte from seeing his beastly side, and conflict abounds when a man from Bronte's past wants her back. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith