Image of Bite Me (The Pride Series)


Image of Bite Me (The Pride Series)

Laurenston does it again with the ninth installment in her hilarious, sexy and action-packed Pride series. Bite Me introduces readers to a whole new breed of shifters — who have the rest of the shifters hiding their valuables when this new breed comes rolling in to town. A fun romance blends well with the engaging storyline and multiple subplots. Nonstop action and crazy antics keep this world delightfully fresh. If you enjoy laughter, witty banter and unforgettable characters in your paranormal romance, you’ll be addicted to Laurenston’s Pride series.

Hybrid shifter Vic Barniov likes his life to be quiet and orderly, but that carefully controlled existence gets blown to smithereens every time he comes home to find honey badger Livy Kowalski burrowing into his cabinets and eating his honey. Livy drives Vic insane in all the right ways, and Vic sets out to convince Livy that being in his bed and using the front door isn’t the end of the world. Livy enjoys her nomadic lifestyle, using it to avoid her criminally insane family. But she can’t avoid them forever; especially when her father passes away. When she discovers her father died under suspicious circumstances, Livy reaches out to her family — and soon chaos reigns supreme. But when someone wants Livy to stop asking questions and they almost succeed in silencing her permanently, Vic shows the world why you shouldn’t mess with hybrids. (BRAVA, Apr., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson