Vincent Argeneau has a problem with a saboteur out to ruin his production company. His cousin has sent P.I. Jackie Morrisey and her partner to help out. Vincent gets a surprise when he discovers that not only is Jackie a girl, she's also a mortal. She does know about the Argeneaus' special situation -- that they are immortals who must drink blood to survive.

Unfortunately, Jackie hates immortals, but her job is to protect Vincent, no matter her feelings for him -- which seem to be developing into something quite different from hate. As for Vincent, the life he was beginning to find boring is taking on new meaning since meeting Jackie. Could she be his life mate, the one person meant for him? What will happen to them when Vincent loses his one chance to make her an immortal?

The new installment in Sands' vampire series is just as wonderful, exciting and romantic as previous ones. This lighthearted Argeneau cousin is the perfect match for the rather somber heroine. With some recurring characters and some fascinating new ones, fans will find nothing lacking in this adventure, which includes a quite interesting mystery. (Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley