Image of Biting the Bride


Image of Biting the Bride

This is a well-drawn, suspenseful story of vampires and dhampirs and the people they love. The plot is believable (well, it is vampires) and the character motivations are, too. A great read.

Sunni had a rough start in life, but she spent her teen years with the LaForge family, who gave her a best friend and a foster father she adores. Now a successful art dealer, she has a good life — if you don’t count having to wear horrible dresses as a perpetual bridesmaid. But when a drunken guest tries to attack her in the bathroom at the latest wedding, things get strange. Not only does she easily overpower her attacker, but she also meets the man she’s always called her guardian angel. He’s been following her for years, and saved her from a mugging once, but this is the first time they speak. Jacob, is, in fact, Sunni’s guard. Sunni is a dhampir, half human/half vampire, and she must be protected from rogue vampires. If Jacob can’t keep her hidden, he must kill her to keep the rogue from gaining her power. Now a powerful rogue has sniffed her out, but Jacob has grown to love Sunni. He must teach her to protect herself. He’s barely begun when the rogue goes after Sunni’s foster family. (ZEBRA, Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan