Image of Bitten By Cupid (An Argeneau Vampire Novella)


Image of Bitten By Cupid (An Argeneau Vampire Novella)

This is a slightly dark yet fascinating trio of Valentine stories. Though quite entertaining on their own, these tales are even more enjoyable if you're familiar with the authors' previous works.

In Sands' "Vampire Valentine," mortal Tiny McGraw can't deny that he would like the joy that he has seen other mortals have when they become a life mate to a vampire, but convincing Mirabeau LaRouche that it's a good thing may not be so easy.

Part-Therian Julianna isn't prepared to see Zeeland again after his rejection of her 10 years ago in "Hearts Untamed," by Palmer. Now with the discovery that her Ilina blood is making itself known, she must avoid him at all costs. Being able to hear thoughts has been the bane of Kristy Morgan's existence, but now she's hearing the thoughts of a killer, one apparently after her, and Adrian Kruger is determined to keep her safe in "Kiss and Kill Cupid," by Rush. (AVON, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley