Thomas Hunter can't tell which reality is real. He is fleeing thugs in Denver when a blow to the head delivers him to an alternate world. He barely survives an attack of vicious sentient bats by crossing a bridge into a realm of idyllic beauty and peace. The sinless folk who dwell there have only one prohibition—do not drink the water on the black side of the bridge.

As soon as Hunter sleeps, he awakens in Denver, alerted to a conspiracy of ruthless men determined to unleash a strain of killer virus. Each time he sleeps, he switches realities. By divine design, he appears to be key to the survival of both worlds. Can he stop the purveyors of biological death in one world and prevent original sin in the next? Failure bears an incredible price.

Dekker displays his trademark fresh perspective in the creation of an extravagant alternate world where sin does not yet reign and man knows his creator as intimate friend. This is the first in a fantasy trilogy, with all three due to be released in 2004. (Feb., 400 pp., $19.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson