Image of Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock)


Image of Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock)

At first Black Arts seems like a straightforward mystery set against a backdrop of vampires and magic, but then the protagonist gets sent on multiple seemingly unrelated missions. While the connections between these assignments become clear, the path there is too disjointed. Additionally, a romance that’s introduced and resolved quickly doesn’t seem to add anything to the story. Finally, the conclusion wraps too cleanly, without enough lead-in.

“Skinwalker” Jane Yellowrock is estranged from her best friend Molly, so it’s a shock when Molly’s husband, Evan, shows up looking for her. But before the investigation goes anywhere, Jane is asked to find a pair of vamp girls who are also missing. Then, as an Enforcer for an important vampire, she’s tasked with preparing his home for a gathering. When it’s clear that all these separate threads are related, Jane must fight her most powerful foe yet. (ROC, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hanson