Image of Black Beans & Vice (The Supper Club Mysteries)


Image of Black Beans & Vice (The Supper Club Mysteries)

The Flab Five are back and ready for action in their sixth Supper Club mystery featuring librarian James Henry and his four dieting cohorts. This time the group has two mysteries to solve while fighting the battle of the bulge. Although the mysteries share time with James’ rekindled romance and newfound fatherhood, Stanley has created such a warm and familiar world that fans will continue to enjoy this delectable series.

James Henry’s life is better than ever. He and his ex-wife Jane are rediscovering their feelings and James is spending more time with his young son, Eliot. The only negative in his life is his sugar addiction, which he vows to get under control by visiting a hypnotherapist in the new Wellness Village. When James attends a food festival hosted by the Village, he encounters an angry animal rights activist and then discovers the dead body of a town councilman in the bathroom. When the activist is later found dead at her home, the Flab Five know there must be a connection. Meanwhile, James’ ex-wife and son are receiving threatening messages from a mysterious stalker. Can the Flab Five keep it together to solve both crimes and keep their weight in check? (MIDNIGHT INK, Nov., 336 pp., $14.95)
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Sandra Martin