The situation is dire in the newest chapter of the thrilling Morganville Vampires series, as the evil draug have both the vampires and the remaining humans trapped. To ramp up the tension, Caine alternates between viewpoints of the main characters as they struggle to stay alive. Seeing events from new perspectives adds clarity to motivations — which in some cases adds to the fear factor. Change is in the offing, so hang on tight!

: Although they survived their recent battle with the draug king Magnus, Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve know it was only round one. They also know events are worsening, since vampire leader Amelie was bitten by Magnus and is slowly turning into a draug. Unless they can find a way to save Amelie and kill Magnus, all of their lives will be forfeited in a most horrific way. Vampires and humans are working together like never before, but is there any hope? Strangely, Magnus’ obsession with Claire might be something they can use against him. (NAL, May, 384 pp., $17.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith