In The Legacy of the Diamond, Andrea Kane introduced the Huntleys and the curse of the legendary black diamond: "He with a black heart who touches the jewel will reap eternal wealth by becoming the carrion upon whom, for all eternity, others will feed..." The story continues with Aurora Huntley's daring scheme to avoid marriage to an "uninspired" suitor.

Aurora is stunned when her brother Slayde insists she marry a man she does not love just to protect her from those who believe in the curse. She takes matters into her own hands and tries to find a stranger to ruin her. What she finds is her family's mortal enemy.

When Julian Bencroft, the Duke of Moreland, rescues the lovely young woman in the tavern he has no idea of her identity, just that her beauty and spirit intrigue him. A man wounded in spirit and searching for his personal peace, he needs what Aurora can offer, his soul's salvation. When he proposes a chance to salvage her reputation he does it both because of her connection to the diamond and his desire.

Aurora and Julian are kindred spirits whose desire for adventure and solving the mystery of the diamond equals their growing passion for one another. They delve into a wildly exciting search for the key that will unlock the secret of the precious gem's hiding place, but danger stalks them even as they find their love is a treasure more precious than a glittering gem.

Andrea Kane takes readers on an enthralling adventure, barely giving them a chance to take a breath. Regency romance and suspense readers will be hard pressed to find anyone like Ms. Kane, whose stories and characters will capture their hearts. SENSUAL (Nov., 364 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin