Image of The Black Dragon (Dragon Series, Book 2)


Image of The Black Dragon (Dragon Series, Book 2)

Dragon fans rejoice as bad boy Malcolm makes a most welcome return! A villain in James' first slam-bang adventure, Malcolm is now the romantic lead. The characters spark passion and bull-headedness, all while striving to save the world. Tasty and tempting reading!

Powerful witch Saba Watanabe is piecing her life back together following her run-in with dark witches and dragons eight months ago. Formerly enslaved to enigmatic black dragon Malcolm, Saba still finds herself missing the handsome and arrogant dragon now that he has returned to dragon space.

When Saba is attacked by a white dragon, she magically calls for Malcolm, who returns with a vengeance. Saba and Malcolm worry that their friend Lisa, a rare silver dragon who is about to give birth, may become a target. Something evil is penetrating both dragon and human space and they must uncover the treacherous white dragon's connection to the encroaching darkness.

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 292 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith