Image of Black Fallen: The Dark Ink Chronicles


Image of Black Fallen: The Dark Ink Chronicles

Riley Poe has come a long way from being a rebellious tattoo artist. Her character has grown and adapted and matured, and I enjoy her journey more with each novel in the series. We’re introduced to quite a few new characters and new places to explore in Black Fallen, and it adds adventure to the storyline without being overwhelming. The new foe Riley and her group are fighting against is like nothing they’ve ever come across before. There’s nothing like a fight for good versus evil, where the danger is palpable and the stakes are high, to keep the pages turning. Jasper writes the books that are destined for your keeper shelf and ready for recommendations to your friends.

Riley Poe has changed. After living through the bites of three very powerful vampires, Riley has absorbed their power. As she learns to control her newfound strength and abilities, she decides to join the elite Worldwide Unexplained Phenomena team with her fiancé and vampire protector, Eli Dupre. This talented team of werewolves, druids, vampires and others, have been assigned to dispatch the Fallen. The powerful dark angels have consumed a great and evil magic and are searching for the ultimate power source in Edinburgh, Scotland. Riley and her newly acquired skills are WUP’s ace in the hole against these dangerous creatures. The Black Fallen are more dangerous than anything Riley’s faced before. She can only hope she gains enough control to fight them and win, or their dark magic will overwhelm her. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes