Image of Black Flag, White Lies


Image of Black Flag, White Lies
BLACK FLAG, WHITE LIES (4) by Jean Brashear: Will Branch doesn't expect a betrayal revealed at his best friend's funeral to rock his foundations and threaten his career once more. Zoe Hitchens thought she was doing the right thing when she married Will's best friend 10 years ago to give the child she believed Will didn't want a father. She tolerated her husband's controlling behavior, but Zoe was quick to file for divorce when he battered her son's self-esteem. Now sparks still fly between a newly widowed Zoe and Will, and Zoe has visions of the family she's always longed for. But can she trust that Will loves her and her son enough to stand by them once racing season starts, or will history repeat itself? Prepare to be immediately drawn into this fast-paced, heartwarming romance.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan