Image of Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell Novels)


Image of Black Friday (Maggie O'Dell Novels)

There's a lot going on in this lightning-paced, impeccably plotted chiller -- and it's all fascinating. Kava's scenario is terrifyingly plausible in the modern era. Be prepared for more than a few frights.

On a rare Thanksgiving weekend off, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell gets a call from the new assistant director, Ray Kunze, informing her of a terrorist bombing at a Minnesota mall. Piecing the case together isn't easy, but facts soon emerge.

The bombers were college students wearing identical backpacks, and the devices within them remind the experts of ones they've seen before: dirty bombs. When an anonymous source leaks the names of the students, one of them turns out to be Maggie's half-brother, Patrick. Dealing with the new A.D., Patrick's possible involvement, conflicting reports about the attack and the growing certainty of another bombing in the very near future is just about all Maggie can handle! (MIRA, Oct., 304 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer