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by Leslie Parrish

Genre: Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense
Sensuality: HOT

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Parrish concludes her riveting Black CATs trilogy with quite the bang! Picking up after the tragic events of the previous book, it focuses on CAT leader Wyatt Blackstone. Parrish does a terrific job bringing in the viewpoints of all the main characters but keeping significant clues under wraps. Parrish delivers the goods.

When team member/computer geek Lily Fletcher is presumed killed during an op gone bad, CAT leader Wyatt is devastated professionally and personally. On the day of Lily's funeral Wyatt is stunned when he gets a whispery phone call pleading for help. A severely wounded Lily has escaped her kidnapper but cannot identify him and is petrified.

Reluctantly, Wyatt and Brandon Cole agree to Lily's request that she remain "dead" while she physically and emotionally recovers. But when a serial killer begins leaving "lilies" at the crime scenes, Wyatt realizes that Lily is the target of a frame-up. To save her from a killer, Wyatt puts his life and career on the line. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Sep., 368 pp., $7.99 )

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith


Published: September 2009

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Black at Heart - Leslie Parrish

Submitted by Robin in PA on August 28, 2010 - 10:24pm.

Cyber Action Team Leader Wyatt Blackstone is known for his icy control and being able to detach himself from his work. Now he is beginning to fall for a woman who is under his protection...a woman who may be brutally murdering criminals who she believes deserve to be executed.

This book was a surprise for me. From the identity of the woman Wyatt is protecting, to the great twists in the murder mystery, this book kept me glued to the pages. This is the 3rd book in the Black CATs series. I highly recommend reading all 3 books. My rating: 4.5 Stars.