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by Christina Henry

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

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Unfortunately, this is a pretty forgettable book. Most of the characters are bland or, at best, bratty. Even when tragedy strikes at the end, the characters’ reactions are weirdly muted. And the end isn’t even much of a conclusion. It just stops abruptly, and seems to be little more than a segue to the next book.

Maddie Black is an agent of death, helping to send souls on their way when someone dies. But now ghosts from unscheduled deaths are roaming the streets, and Maddie must find out why. Meanwhile she also must help the werewolves recover their kidnapped leader and cubs, deal with the politics of the faerie and underworlds, uncover a conspiracy and escape the myriad creatures out for her blood … all while trying to sort out her (never consummated) relationship with longtime beau Gabriel. (ACE, Mar., 288 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Leah Hansen

Publisher: ACE

Published: March 2012

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(1 ratings)

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LITERAL ADDICTION's Review of Black Howl

Submitted by MichelleLOlson on October 5, 2012 - 2:05pm.

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Shawnie

I have been following Christina Henry's Black Wings Series since I stumbled across her name I read the first chapter and new I was going to be one of the fanatics and obsess about when new books would be coming out. There is so much you can grab on to with these books, it is hard not to love. Not only did she successfully introduce us to her Agents of Death, she also gave us a dysfunctional family to some what relate to and a love story that would break any sane women's heart. Now any other person would probably underline the love story but not I. I got caught and pulled in by Lucifer himself *grins* yes he makes horrible babies, but I do not care. The small and fleeting parts that we get to view him, grip you and leave you begging for more. The ultimate bad boy, who could resist that temptation? I can't and I don't even want to. The fact that Madeline Black is his Granddaughter just makes it all so much better and the cast in these books are laugh out loud funny.

But I have to say Night Howl was not what I expected it to be, it was beyond awesome. Madeline is as always her reckless self, and can't stop herself from jumping head first into some crap with complete disregard for her life. Her motives are pure, she would do anything for her friends but she seems to lack self preservation on a number of fronts. Her emotions rule her, and that is what gets her in trouble most times but also her loyalty to her family. I commend her for that sense of loyalty, but disagree with the decisions she makes in regards to that loyalty.

There was a lot of emotions with with book some laugh so hard you pee yourself, some oh my god why is that happening and a lot of giant tears that come down on their own. Beezle, makes you want to fling him somewhere and then go get him just so you can hug and love him. Gabriel, makes you want to smack him in the back of his head in the beginning and then you want to jump up and down shouting YES! Samiel, is just one of those characters you love, because you can't feel anything else for him. Lucifer is well Lucifer, he is still his complex, semi emotional self who does things that completely benefit him in the long run. AND I LOVE IT! You get all the family with this book, but if I give you everyone else I would have to give you spoilers, and I won't do that.

I will tell you all this, you will be upset towards the end, but very happy by the end of the book. Christina Henry, knew what she was doing when she wrote Black Howl, I give her a standing ovation. If I had a rating system I'd give her FIVE BLACK ROSES [as it is, she's reviewing for LITERAL ADDICTION, therefore she gives it 5 Skulls. :)].