Image of Black Howl (Black Wings, Book 3)


Image of Black Howl (Black Wings, Book 3)

Unfortunately, this is a pretty forgettable book. Most of the characters are bland or, at best, bratty. Even when tragedy strikes at the end, the characters’ reactions are weirdly muted. And the end isn’t even much of a conclusion. It just stops abruptly, and seems to be little more than a segue to the next book.

Maddie Black is an agent of death, helping to send souls on their way when someone dies. But now ghosts from unscheduled deaths are roaming the streets, and Maddie must find out why. Meanwhile she also must help the werewolves recover their kidnapped leader and cubs, deal with the politics of the faerie and underworlds, uncover a conspiracy and escape the myriad creatures out for her blood … all while trying to sort out her (never consummated) relationship with longtime beau Gabriel. (ACE, Mar., 288 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen