Revenge and the obsessive need to return to the scene of his betrayal drives Drake to Chirk Castle on the eve of his half-brother Waldos marriage to Raven, the woman who betrayed him.

As the kings champion, the Black Knight, Drake rides to victory in the tournament staged as part of the wedding festivities. There is no love lost between the brothers and Waldo is not pleased to learn Drake is the infamous Black Knight.

Seeing Raven rekindles all of Drakes old hatred. He believes her lies are the reason he was banished from the only home he knew. Yet, he is strangely attracted to the woman Raven has become.

Raven is still in love with Drake, and even though she fears he will not help her escape her marriage to Waldo, she pleads for his aid. Drake finds his heart thawing and in the end takes Raven to his castle.

When Waldo threatens to attack, Drake brings Raven to the local seer who knows they are soulmates. But they must discover this themselves as danger mounts.

Ms. Mason has written a rich medieval romance filled with tournaments, chivalry, lust and love. But most important are the characters who make this novel come alive. Sit back and savor this one. SENSUAL (Dec., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner