Image of The Black List (Sydney Fitzpatrick)


Image of The Black List (Sydney Fitzpatrick)

Burcell’s story is a sure winner with fast-paced action and mounting suspense. The plot grows quickly from an apparently simple investigation that snowballs into a well-concealed terrorist plan with far-reaching consequences. The characters in this story are multidimensional, and have complex connections to one another. It is easy for the reader to relate to the characters on multiple levels.

FBI Agent Tony Carillo’s soon-to-be ex-wife begs him to help clear her fiancé, who’s accused of embezzlement. Tony reluctantly agrees, bringing his friend and former FBI partner, Sydney Fitzpatrick, in to help him. When Tony is nearly killed by someone mistaking him for the embezzling fiancé, Tony realizes that there may be some truth to the claim of innocence. He asks Sydney to bring two of their black-ops friends, Zachary Griffin and Tex Dalton, into the loop. Zach and Sydney take the lead in the investigation and discover a terrorist ring that uses a charity agency that resettles East African refugees in the United States as a front for its terrorist activities. (HARPER, Jan., 401 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett